backdating gst registration canada - Updating fstab

I also ask this question at howtoforge forum but until now no one has answered.If you'd like to read my question please visit it here. Update: Here's what happen to my fstab: Before the value was (I omitted the other): as system start, it mounts filesytems that aren'nt yet mounted.UUID must be privileged over kernel name descriptors and labels.

It is recommended to read that article first before continuing with this article.

In this section, we will describe how to mount filesystems using all the mount methods available via examples.

To create a new mount point, use root privileges to create the mount point.

I accidentally removed all the entries from the fstab files while doing a backup (Yeah, I know ;)).

I'm just wondering if I need to restart my server after editing fstab and mtab.

I changed something in this file manually due to problem with awstats report.

For example: will make your boot take 90 seconds longer, unless you reconfigure the timeout as shown.

Make sure not to set the timeout to 0, as this translates to infinite timeout.

instead of device paths is that they are more consistent when changing the physical disks.

The devices are numbered according to how they are presented to the OS by the bios (which is normally ordered by the socket they are plugged into).

This can be achieved by adding the following options to the This will fsck and mount the partition only when it is first accessed, and the kernel will buffer all file access to it until it is ready.

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