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"We're trying to make the data accessible and make it simple," Milam said.

"With one price for a monthly subscription per oil well, companies get the hardware, software and network they need." With the Well Aware platform, oil and gas companies can keep tabs on their assets in the field without having to physically send someone out in a pickup truck canvassing a route that could be hundreds, even thousands of miles, Milam said.

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The internet of things may be the next big thing for a lot of industries, but in the oil and gas sector, remote monitoring of oil rigs and wells has been around for more than a decade.

Even so, the high cost and complexity of creating the infrastructure and collecting the data has limited the number of assets big oil behemoths can monitor, while putting the practice of using Io T for oil and gas purposes out of reach for the majority of small and midsize operators.

For example, industry experts estimate that only 1% of information gathered from the field is currently made available to oil and gas decision-makers.

By leveraging Io T for oil and gas and using Io T platforms to increase data capture and analysis, companies in the sector could save millions of dollars by eliminating unplanned well outages and by boosting crude output by as much as 10% over two years, the report found.

These text messages contain a link that allows you to view your real-time usage.

You can also view your domestic data usage by using the T-Mobile app on your device once you have exceeded 80% of your monthly full-speed data or domestic data roaming allotments.

International roaming and long distance service at pay-per-use rates are included with your AT&T Mobility service, and may be automatically provisioned on eligible customers' lines of service.* However, before calling or traveling abroad, we recommend that you: * Your plan may include the ability to make and/or receive calls while roaming internationally.

Certain eligibility restrictions apply which may be based on service tenure, payment history and/or credit and AT&T, in its sole discretion, may block your ability to use your phone while roaming internationally until eligibility criteria is met. S., Puerto Rico and USVI, you will be charged normal international roaming airtime when incoming calls are routed to voicemail, even if no message is left.

Your device data works a little differently when it's on a non-T-Mobile network, and it has some restrictions. When T-Mobile customers use data on these partner networks, this is called "domestic data roaming." While roaming, data services work a little differently and have some restrictions.

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