Chat swap pictures sex - Updating a modded 360

After it is done copying the package, it will boot to Linux and make a backup of your EEPROM.

On a 1.6 Xbox, your screen will probably display a corrupt unreadable image, this is fine just ignore it for now and watch for your LED to flash green which means the process is complete.

From the main menu you should see 'Waffle Zone Tool' press 'A' to enter this menu and you should now see the options as the above photo.

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Here is what is included with the Firmware Mod: Click here for preview This is one neat and very fun mod and with it you will be able to run any unsigned code : ) The JTAG and RGH both have the exact same features, the only difference is the JTAG Hack works only with consoles running dashboard versions 7371 or lower and the RGH works with all the rest as long as your console has an hdmi port and is currently running a dashboard version lower than 15572.

Click HERE to have a look at our JTAG / RGH Tutorial section and HERE for some of the great features Click here for preview With a built in switch installed you will be easily able to switch from a unmodded console to a RGH with the simple flip of a switch : ) This means play on Xbox Live safely on the unmodded side, then at any time simply turn off your console, flip the switch and watch your 360 magically becomes modded with the Reset Glich Hack and all of its great features!

If this doesn't work try starting over, there's a chance your game is newer and patched to fix the exploit hole.

You should see the Unleash X dash which looks like the photo below.

Create scripts, combos and macros at the millisecond precision.

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However you should be fully aware that others have had there consoles banned using a modded system on Xbox Live.

With this being said the firmware out today has the latest and best stealth features, and if you are following my online tutorial for proper backup procedures your chances of your console being banned are extremely low using the firmware mod.

Dual Nand Mods are safe ONLY if playing on the unmodded nand side, and normal Jtag and RGH mods are a guaranteed ban.

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