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You should confirm that the photos they take meet our standards.

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Please do not attach the photos to your application form as this can damage them if not attached correctly.

Army Physical Fitness Uniform Through a series of surveys, town halls, and test periods, the Army solicited feedback from Soldiers about design features for the Army's new fitness uniform.

This feedback not only determined the form, fit and function of the APFU, it also determined its look.

The result is a more comfortable, modular PT uniform with some 34 improvements from the IPFU.

The uniform is a symbol of honor and tradition, of esprit de corps and morale, and of personal excellence and pride.

Army, Soldiers embody their professionalism and commitment to the Army Values - loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage.

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The Australian Passport Office does not endorse particular photo outlets or providers.

We recommend that you choose an experienced passport photographer.

No other person or object should be visible in the photo.

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