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Jaivin writes with an assuredness and narrative flow undoubtedly belying the hard labour which has gone into this thoroughly researched and footnoted work.

If she occasionally goes off at tangents it is to return at what is not merely a chunk of fictional history but a perceptive look at today's China, beautifully written - a carefully constructed jigsaw which is both moving and salutary.

The lines between fact and fiction blur as Linnie draws on the sources Jaivin uses in documenting this momentous day in Linnie's life, her back story, including her relationship with her mysterious, missing lover Q, and Backhouse's own story.

Five years in the writing, this is a complex and ambitious undertaking.

Sue Green On June 4, the 25th anniversary of the government crackdown on student protesters in Tiananmen Square was marked around the world.

So it is apposite that in this latest novel by a US-born Australian writer closely connected with China for almost four decades, those events have a central role.

The Empress Lover is, as with much of Jaivin's work, unlikely to see daylight on the mainland because of its political and erotic nature.

Yet so many themes are universal - love, grief, the search for identity, the ability of memory to erase history.

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