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The fact that all their shows appeal to the many brain deficient teenagers in their target audience.

Personally I would have turned this one off after the first few episodes, except for the presence of many former gay porn stars.

It took Bella some time to wrap her mind around everything that had happened, what Zach had said and all the experiences she had brushed off as 'coincidence' or 'hallucination' before. She kept going to school and work her shifts at the Mystic Grill, but she wasn't ready to socialize outside of that just yet. The things she knew now and she was going to have to buy herself a new one soon. She had read up on the regular vampire lore online, and with Zach's warning in the back of her mind, she hoped that the invitation thing was true."Cool," Lexi nodded with a smile on her face. By nightfall, she decided to go to the main house to return some of these books. which will likely resort into some fighting but eh.

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Until then, Bella kept her spirits up and they both discussed their writing together.

It was almost as if the entirety of Mystic Falls had a shroud over them, suffocating. College was her way out and even though she was planning to attend the University of New Orleans, they had dorms and she was going to live there.

As she closed the door of her home, she could hear MSN messenger going crazy with alerts, but that just had to wait. Bella opened the front door to the Salvatore home and nearly dropped her books in shock when she saw Damon sitting on top of Elena, his hand around her neck, fiercely kissing her. "In a panic, Damon looked up to see Bella standing there. ""Hi," Katherine smiled at her as she kept her eyes on Bella. "Talk to you soon."She wasn't even going to fight him on this. I mean, you're right, if we have to believe the stories, New Orleans is a hotbed for supernatural creatures, why can't we have your teacher and learn about the cool stuff?

"It's not what you think," he said like a deer caught in headlights."Oh, threesome! "Oh, she's special, Damon, I can smell it.""Katherine as in… ""Yep.""And she looks like Elena.""Did I miss that out? From the stories he had told her about Katherine, Bella knew that she was bad news and really couldn't understand his infatuation with her.

" Elena giggled as she pushed Damon off of her and started to circle Bella like a predator. " Bella carefully watched Not Elena circle her before looking at Damon. the Katherine you spent the last century and a half lusting over? Elena looks like Katherine," Damon pointed to the door. Then again, according to him and Stefan Katherine was a manipulative bitch, so what was going on? People just love the idea of it, hence why Supernatural and Twilight are attracting so many viewers.

As she got into her house, messenger was still making too much noise for her liking and when she slipped behind her computer, Bella had to laugh. I mean, if we have to believe the stories, New Orleans is like a hotbed for supernatural creatures.

Bella's life had always been a little strange; her flaky mother, her father in a cold weather area that she liked to avoid and a seemingly magical grandfather. Which was fine, seeing as Bella's nickname was Ceiling Cat.

Emancipated from both her parents at age 16, when her landlord's nephews come to town, her life starts to get even stranger. It just hurt that he left her for some blonde bimbo with a bigger ass and a bigger rack. Not with fantasized shit, but with the things that she had noticed. "I'm a friend of Stefan's.""Okay, hi Lexi.""Aren't you going to invite me in? If you can't cross the threshold on your own, you're not coming in," Bella replied, crossing her arms over her chest. Oh, there were worst names she could have come up with, but that was the freedom of the internet, wasn't it? Bella liked talking to Trashpanda about random stuff that was not related to what Bella's life had become. Unfortunately, her friend wasn't online so Bella settled in in front of her computer and read Damon's book.

The vampire brothers Damon and Stefan Salvatore, eternal adolescents, having been leading "normal" lives, hiding their bloodthirsty condition, for centuries, moving on before their non-aging is noticed.

They are back in the Virginia town where they became vampires.

But then they have the 'corporate closet' to keep all the boys.

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