Trusting god with dating

about the stigma of online dating, we hit the issue of Internet dating being perceived as an act of desperation.

Linked to that perception is the view that using the Internet to facilitate meeting a spouse means playing God–taking things into your own hands and not trusting God to do the work for you.

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Instead, He chose to create new life through the vocation of husbands and wives, fathers and mothers.

God calls men and women together and grants them the unfathomable ability to have children.

The concern that with Marry Well: MW: When it comes to something as important as who we marry, many Christians are eager to know what God’s will is. So knowing god’s will means understanding what is commanded of us in God’s word.

In this way, it is always a good thing to seek God’s will. His way is to have us grow in wisdom so that we can have his heart and make decisions that honor him.

“He provides food for those who fear him” (Psalm 111:5); also to those who do not fear Him, “to all flesh” (1). It is still God who is responsible for giving us our daily bread.

Though He could give it to us directly, by a miraculous provision, as He once did for the children of Israel when He fed them daily with manna, God has chosen to work through human beings, who, in their different capacities and according to their different talents, serve each other. To use another of Luther’s examples, God could have decided to populate the earth by creating each new person from the dust, as He did Adam.

Do you ask God to do something without adjusting your life to what you are praying?

If you are praying for revival, how are you preparing for its coming?

“You just need to trust God to bring the right one into your life! Does using the Internet to find a spouse show a lack of trust in God? In no area of life do you want to fail to trust God and strive in your own strength.

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