Trenches comic not updating

You’ll need to see the movie in December to discover the very cool missing piece.

After Arthur awakes on the boat, he and Mera make their way to the Trench during a thunderstorm at night.

” Topo seems shocked that Arthur can hear him, so he lets him take the Trident.

Aquaman returns to Mera with the Trident in hand, and wearing his classic comic book costume (gold tunic, green pants, green gauntlets).

As such the movie doesn’t deserve to be completely spoiled ten months out from release.

People should be able enjoy Wan’s underwater epic on the big screen without knowing everything about it prior to release.

NOTE: This update will cover the third act, but deliberately leaves out a HUGE part of that movie in order to preserve the surprise and the ending.

This is NOT all that is in the last third of Aquaman.

He’s now ready to face Orm and reclaim the Throne of Atlantis!

Orm asked Vulko for advice in the coming battle, and confronts him about his betrayal of raising Arthur.

That’s why this far out I won’t be touching some of the big story reveals in the third act, and may not even do it closer to release.

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