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Keep in mind that many technical reports are not cataloged in World Cat.Spatial transferability of travel forecasting models, or the ability to transfer models from one geographical region to another, can potentially help in significant cost and time savings for regions that cannot invest in extensive data-collection and model-development procedures.Conduct empirical assessments of spatial transferability of the following two model components used in today's activity-based model systems: (a) daily activity participation and time-use models, and (b) tour-based time-of-day choice models.

transferability and updating of disaggregate travel demand models-32

Transferability assessment of the time-of-day choice models show encouraging evidence of transferability of a large proportion of the model coefficients, albeit except important parameters such as the travel time coefficients.

Collectively, there is evidence that pooling data from multiple regions may help in building better transferable models than those transferred from a single region.

Five easily programmable steps for implementing the test are given, and commercially available software that can help with the computations is identified.

A numerical example of the application of the test is presented, and the role of the test in practical model development is discussed.

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The means of travel is referred to the travel mode, which may be by private automobile, public transportation, walking, bicycling, or other means.Disaggregate models can also be applied with greater ease than aggregate models to corridor and project planning within urban areas.This study has developed new disaggregate demand models for work-trip mode choice and for shopping choices as follows: Mode, destination, frequency, and time of day.This issue is particularly important in the context of tour-based/activity-based models whose development typically involves significant data inputs, skilled staff, and long production times.However, most literature on model transferability has been in the context of traditionally used trip-based models, particularly for linear regression-based trip generation and logit-based mode choice models, with little evidence on the transferability of activity-based models and that of emerging model structures.Please see Document Availability for additional information on obtaining the full-text document.

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