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Is there anyone here making money on smaller trading strategies ( the stock market or cryptocurrencies) that would not be interesting enough for larger algorithmic trading firms?

If I recall correctly, your structure describes a future not an option.

If you buy put options for X at 10, and call options for X at 10, then if the price moves down you exercise the call option, and if the price goes up you exercise the put.

He's made millions trading options, mostly algorithmically as I've understood it.

The methods he uses are sufficiently complex that you need to be very well acquainted with the intricacies of derivatives to follow along, but basically he trades volatility instead of price movement.

Regardless of whether the price of the asset goes up or down, he makes money.

In his opinion, it's foolish to try to trade price direction, and you're basically flipping coins and likely to lose money. I don't know what he's trading on exactly.

(I'm assuming yes, but would be great to find people who actually do this -- no need to disclose _how_ you actually do it, obviously)I wonder whether the premise of your question is faulty.

If you ask enough people: "In your last 100 flips of a coin, did you get more than 60 heads?

The reason you only see sophisticated people doing this kind of trading is because you need a large and complex position with many hundreds of options to be in a truly market-neutral environment.

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