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Sometimes it doesn’t work for the story…and you know what? I do laundry, I wash dishes, I make food as a human being. As long as that’s not the TER: It is fun, and sometimes it feels like it steals certain experiences from me. As I said in my Women of the Year Summit speech, “It’s really interesting to be a woman and to get to 45, and not be married and not have kids.

And I have had to really make friends with loneliness.

And know the difference between choice-ful solitude and . Of course people want to be complimented, but you want to be complimented in a way that respects who you are—maybe you don’t want to be complimented on your clothing. TER: I have to take some time to dream some new dreams.

Can I have a wine glass instead of be stirring soup?

The writers—we have almost 50 percent female writers—they are so attuned to Bow.

Ross also has a job she loves, she's surrounded by a close group of friends, and she's an activist for women.

At 45, unmarried and without kids, Ross finds herself in the position of having to defend the life that makes her happy.I need to share.” And she shared some details that usually would have gone to me.Different people have different roles in our lives.One of the ways of cultivating my own selfhood is that I get to lean into different people.GLAMOUR: In your speech you said you’ve had to be your own support.What does it look like to support yourself in dark moments?

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