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They point out the background of Topix founder Rich Skrenta, as the creator of a computer virus that is "widely believed to be the first large-scale self-spreading personal computer virus ever created." The NSA has been working with internet companies, in the Silicon Valley similar to Topix, to gain access to their encryption codes, to access the private information of users.

Topix CEO, Chris Tolles, at the time with Sun Microsystems said this: "Everyone in Silicon Valley, including us, has to have specific staff, highly paid experts, to deal with (the NSA) them, " said Chris Tolles, security group product manager at Sun." I have written about Chris Tolles here: Speaking out to Chris Tolles, CEO of This article goes into more detail on the NSA: The long, strong arm of the NSA "Back in the days of the cold war, Washington insiders used to joke that NSA stood for "No Such Agency." The government denied the very existence of this group, which is dedicated to intercepting and decoding foreign communications. Today the National Security Agency is well known, and spends a lot of time leaning on software, switch and router vendors, pushing them to re-tool their products.

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The agency's goal: to ensure that the government has access to encrypted data." This post also discusses this issue: IP: While cda-II diverts attention, end run around clipper "The NSA wants software vendors to make sure that any product with strong encryption have some way for the government to tap into the data.

And because practically every commercial network application, router or switch these days includes encryption or an option for it, almost every vendor now has to answer to the NSA if it wants to export." I posted my concerns on Topix, on their main board and to the Topix moderators, to either confirm or deny whether or not, they were collecting user data. Instead their meanest trolls have been hounding me.

(NYSE: GCI), The Mc Clatchy Company (NYSE: MNI) and Tribune Company.

These three corporations invested $15-million dollars in Topix.

Comfibook: Reconnect with Randy Trimm when you search for.

Topix forums, are the number one internet community forums, linked to newspapers across America.

"November 6, 2006: Topix Receives Million in Additional Funding from Tribune, Gannett, and Mc Clatchy" From Local Media Watch: Indeed, its potential was deemed so great that Gannett, Tribune and Knight Ridder paid million for it in 2005, expecting it to play a key role in the future of local news.

Topix and Google Topix is affiliated with Google, whose search engines give Topix, the highest priority.

From their website: "Topix is the leading news community on the Web, connecting people to the information and discussions, that matter to them in every U. town and city." The three biggest newspaper corporations in the country, are heavily invested.

Based in Palo Alto, Calif., Topix LLC is a privately held company with investment from Gannett Co., Inc.

It is possible for you to have your own forum and to run it on your own.

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