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Asking if they actually enjoy what they’re doing in those hours.

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If their answers are uncertain and without clarity, that is a red flag.

This may mean they are becoming complacent and ‘OK’ with settling with anything that happens to come their way,” De Leon says.

It means that they haven't developed themselves enough to know what they like or really enjoy.

There is not even a mental seed planted on self-care.”“The answer to this question will give you an idea of your date’s sense of adventure and what they consider great or standard,” Patt says.

“If they are talking about their family, it shows they have great relationships with their parents and siblings,” she says.

“This will give you a glimpse into their childhood and upbringing.”The thing to remember here is that no one gets to pick the family their born into (or um, wouldn’t you have picked Queen Elizabeth as your grandma?’, this question will show the things that your date does to blow off steam.Life coach Kristy De Leon tells Bustle it’ll give you a glimpse into their social circle too.And maybe most importantly, it’ll let you know if your interests are compatible.“People typically hang out with people who are similar to themselves, so if you start hearing of activities that you would never ever do then that is a big warning sign,” she says.“If the person says that they don't have anything fun they like to do, that is also a big warning sign.“Asking them what their friends say about them provides them the safety of describing themselves from another person’s point of view,” she says.

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