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Since you have the typical 4' spacing, the steel may be required for a prescriptive code purpose and not alway for engineering purposes unless you have high walls or wet, or heavy soil and not sand. As for grout proportions, we typically use about 25-30 round, heaped shovels of torpedo sand per 94# bag of portland.

Dick Dick - thank you for the information, very helpful. Couple more notes: - Check with your local codes on placement of the rod inside of the block cavity.

Each type (fine and coarse) is further classified as conventional grout (requiring mechanical consolidation by puddling or vibration when placed) and self-consolidating grout (not requiring mechanical consolidation when placed).

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Hi everyone, Building foundation walls with standard 8" hollow blocks and vertical rebar through the cores spaced every 4'.

This abstract is a brief summary of the referenced standard.

It is informational only and not an official part of the standard; the full text of the standard itself must be referred to for its use and application.

The grout itself does not appreciably increase the load carrying strength of a block wall, but the use of the grout and rbar increase the lateral strength.

The steel is the flexural reinforcement and the grout just transfers the load due to soil pressure from the block to the rebar.

Materials for grout shall be measured in such a way that the required proportions of the grout materials are controlled and accurately measured.

Grout shall be produced using one of the following procedures: grout materials mixed with water at the job site and ready-mixed grout transported to the job site.

Finally, top off the grout and consolidate, making sure the rebar used for consolidating going into two different layers of grout. On a commercial job it would be pumped and probably come from a ready-mix truck, but there can be charges for excess truck unloading time, but that is not a barrier when compared to mixing the grout on site.

After an hour or so, go back to the wall and you should find some grout settlement due to the absorption of the excess water. My instructions are not absolutely correct for high spec grouting, but adequate if the principals are followed on a basement.

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