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It was deplorable how little cooperation I was given and very clear that this was a set-up for naive people. Two of them were nothing like I had explained I was looking for. It was then I decided I wanted to sell my contract and was sent a flyer of the paragraph in the contract.

The conditions are - you can't advertise - not published, not on-line, not on a bulletin board. I don't have a network and don't have a chance to meet other people.

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After the third, I quickly realized that the 'matchmaking' wasn't being conducted the way I was promised (and sold).

As fate would have it, I serendipitously ran into the sales woman who sold me the package in my hometown 300 miles away during the Christmas holidays.

Of course before she gave me a set price, she went to see her manager and got me a special "deal price".

My deal also included a sale clause - my policy could be sold.

Together Dating Service is a dba of Joint Concepts LC located in Dallas, TX. The Managers / Directors are Ted Law and Shane Weisberg??? Jeanette Weisberg, Member Service Director is listed as a Principal for Together Dating Service in San Antonio..

John D Fraser is also the Registered Agent for Lully's Inc also located in Dallas, TX 75248, which does business as The Right One in the Dallas area, and Pacific High, which also does business as The Right One in the State of Texas?

Well, after I agreed to the deal - I was reviewing the contract, my interviewer said - "Oh, I never read those things." and I said okay, I wouldn't read it either. However, I paid the bill with a brand new credit card I had just opened. This was already a sign that I was not being sensible about my finances.

I went home and had some unsettled feelings about all of this. An exhorbitant amount for a single mother with a fixed income.

I could only try to sell to someone I already know. There is also a stipulation that whomever I try to sell to has to be approved and screened by the dating service.

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is anywhere from a low of 00 to over ,000 depending on the level of service ?????? My contract amount with Together Dating Service in San Antonio was 95?????? I NEVER receive any referrals OR any other service from Together Dating Service?????? I requested they cancel my contract and refund my money WITHIN THRESS (3) HOURS after leaving their office?

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