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This is kind of like the garden from which many flowers bloomed.

But some were successful, and some were not." Mortimer did start to taste a bit of that "gold standard" social success.

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Authorities were called out for a fourth time in December 2014 when a neighbor told police he 'witnessed Fanjul tackle [Mortimer] and push her head into the pavement.' Mortimer had already fled by the time they arrived. None of these women were covered more than Mortimer however, and she soon leveraged her newfound fame to launch a line of handbags with Samantha Thavasa and a clothing line, Riccime by Tinsley Mortimer, which were both available in Japan.

'She hides in the bushes, she hides in her car, she puts cigarettes out in his face, did anybody ever tell you that? In print: Mortimer's former Vogue co-worker Plum Sykes also included a character that was loosely based on her in her novel Bergdorf Blondes (left); she later wrote her own novel Southern Charm (right) in 2012Mortimer was also frequently name dropped on the show Gossip Girl, which detailed the lives of a group of wealthy private school kids in New York City.

On April 9, Mortimer was arrested for trespassing outside the Palm Beach home of Alexander "Nico" Fanjul, and a splotchy mugshot made the internet rounds.

The first raft of stories cast her as a jilted ex-lover, and police reports said she was found "crying and screaming irrationally stating that her boyfriend 'Nico' was inside the house with another woman." The truth, of course, is much more complicated.

The 40-year-old said she had fled to her car and locked herself inside but Fanjul had ran after her, broken the Land Rover windscreen wipers off and used them to break the windshield, according to a police report.

Mortimer claimed she had filmed the attack on her cellphone. Mortimer's big moment came around 2006 when the public and press took a new interest in the city's young socialites, who at the time included Byrdie Bell, Olivia Palermo, Fabiola Beracasa, Amanda Hearst, and Lauren Santo Domingo (nee Davis) to name just a few.Tinsley Mercer Mortimer, 40, was once the most photographed young woman in New York City.She seemed to have everything a certain kind of person might want: an important name, her picture everywhere, a budding career on the fashion/social/reality-show circuit.Mortimer was arrested for trespassing after she was found 'crying and screaming irrationally' outside the Palm Beach home of her ex-boyfriend - Alexander 'Nico' Fanjul - who was with his another woman.Mortimer (pictured in 2013, left) and in her police mugshot last week) was arrested for trespassing after she was found 'crying and screaming irrationally' outside the Palm Beach home of her ex-boyfriend She spent almost three hours in the Palm Beach County Jail and was forced to pose for a mugshot after the incident, which showed the often smiling and heavily made up society queen frowning and with little makeup.They wed again in May 2002 in Mortimer's hometown of Richmond.

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