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There was the weird religious website and the constant sniping at former bandmates.There was the decision to “re-form” Smashing Pumpkins with Jimmy Chamberlin (who didn’t stick around long) and two randoms who weren’t D’arcy and James Iha, and the resultant disaster of a tour.

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(At least one author has argued that there was.) We’ll never know, though, because pretty much everyone reported the whole affair as the source of hilarity rather than any sort of serious project.

I’m not arguing that Corgan’s been mistreated — clearly, the answer to the question of how to stay relevant into your 40s as a rock musician does not involve dispensing petulant homophobic insults to your fans or dating Tila Tequila.

Corgan has complained that a significant number of his fans are “stuck in 1993,” and while it sounds kinda petulant, to some extent one can relate to his frustration.

Clearly, Corgan hasn’t exactly helped his cause over the years — it’s easy enough to chart his decline from global alt-rock stardom to being the kind of guy who dates Tila Tequila and stars in local furniture commercials.

But if you’re an artist, you don’t stop wanting to make art, to surpass what you’ve done before.

I’m guessing that Billy Corgan is no different — that however crazy he might be, he wants to make great music.

From about 1991 to 1995, Smashing Pumpkins were critical darlings and also unimpeachably cool, their poster up on the wall of every teenager who wanted any sort of serious music cred.

And then, as it did for innumerable musicians before him, that moment passed.

Things Tila Tequila is famous for: making a sex tape with two female porn stars, being engaged to heiress Casey Johnson, hosting her own dating show, and probably her most important accomplishment to date, becoming the most popular artist on My Space.

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