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If I could make a call while facing potential paralysis, surely Dena could send a message about running late. Getting no response, I bought myself a slice of cake and left. “Well,” I said, “there was one woman who showed up over an hour and a half late and wondered why I wasn’t still there waiting for her.” “Is her name Dena? I sat there for three hours at a time, three days a week, feeling devastated.

We found we had a lot in common and decided to meet outside of dialysis, outside of our chairs. I spent my sixteenth birthday puking into a bucket — not due to the aftereffects of a wild party, but because I had a stomach virus.

Things started to look up that summer when I got a job at a fast-food restaurant.

It took me several weeks to piece together that Winona was living in an with her seven dogs.

This should have been enough to scare me off, but I was hooked.

the universe would put the ideal partner in my path, I went to an online dating site. Why had she called me when she was in the middle of something else?

By the time I was done checking boxes to record my preferences, the pool of queer women in my age bracket was whittled down to eight candidates. Something about her profile gave me pause, but I told myself not to let such vague reservations stand in the way of romance. I was already questioning my decision to contact her.(This was 1989, and there were no cordless phones in our house.) I was hoping for some privacy, but Dad, an aspiring photographer, chose that moment to test out the softening filter on his camera. Only later did I come to appreciate that he had preserved on film the first time a boy asked me out.I remember little about that date other than the awkwardness of holding hands in the movie theater and that we didn’t kiss good night. Over the next two years that phone sitting on my nightstand would often cause me to feel guilty — especially when I used it to talk to other boys.I sent her a message, and we exchanged phone numbers. When we talked again the next night, she was in another noisy location. After thirty minutes I checked my phone for a text or missed call: nothing. Once, I had woken up in the middle of the night feeling numb from the waist down. It sounds really loud.” She said she was at a pool hall, playing billiards.By August I had caught the eye of a co-worker who went to a different high school.

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