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The Sustainable Value approach has been further developed and tested in various research projects commissioned by both, public bodies and companies.Beyond the external assessment of corporate sustainability performance, the approach is used to implement sustainability strategy within companies through internal benchmarking and investment appraisal.As a result Sustainable Value shows how much more or less return a company has created with its set of economic, environmental and social resources compared to a benchmark.

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Number the boys, "Contestant 1, 2, and 3"Ask the boys a question. The boy with the most points wins a date to Starbucks or Coldstone or Mc Donalds with the girl and two leaders.

They write down their answers, trying to sweep the girl off her feet with romance.

It doesn't sound so bad, but since this is a form of reality television, the game loves to torture its contestants for the sake of the sadistic viewer—oftentimes, the contestant will be smelling another man's ass or feeling a gigantic spider.

You've gotta wonder why people would continue to appear on a show that puts its contestants through so humiliation, but when the dollar signs are behind their eyes and the possibility of fame is blocking their vision, it's tough to see clearly.

Consequently, Henkel created 1,522 more gross value added per ton of CO2 than the German economy on average.

Multiplying these 1,522 with the total amount of CO2 emitted by Henkel, we now know that with its use of CO2 emissions, Henkel created 1.2 billion more of gross value added in 2004 than the Germany economy on average would have created with those emissions.

In other words, the Sustainable Value approach allows for an integrated monetary triple-bottom-line assessment of corporate sustainability performance that is in-line with managerial thinking.

To calculate the Sustainable Value of a company (or other organisational entity), we have to calculate who creates more return with a given set of financial, environmental and social resources of a company: the company or the benchmark.

Historically, companies existed to produce goods and services in a profitable way.

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