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A lot of dates will be so awkward you’ll wish you’d just gone out with your friends instead.

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Next to those were 3 smaller tick boxes – “date,” “friend” and “no thanks.” Notable by their absence were the options for “quick shag outside by the back wall,” “restraining order” and “call the police, I’ve seen this guy on Crimewatch.” There was also a column on the sheet marked “notes”, in which we could write facts about the person in order to aid our memory in the time that followed the event.

Such scribbles could include “psychopath,” “reminds me of Margaret Thatcher” and “DO NOT GIVE YOUR PHONE NUMBER TO THIS LADY EVEN IF YOU ARE COMPLETELY PISSED!

I haven’t had any shockers myself, but a guy I know was talking to girl on Tinder and she invited him round to his house.

It turned out the girl was actually a guy, apparently he still got asked if my friend would like to come in.

I thought I’d be really romantic and take this girl to the beach for the day. The worst thing was that I hadn’t looked up nice places to go beforehand, so the pub we went to ended up being a Spoons. I went to dig in and I stabbed my fork into the tray too hard and the entire meal spilt all over me.

He gave me his garlic butter so I didn’t go hungry. His arm was around my back and it was incredibly uncomfortable.

” Obviously, we were told not to write the notes infront of the person whilst talking to them. G: “I notice you have a glass eye, spit when you talk and look like my best friend’s ugly aunt, I’ll just make a quick note of that on my sheet…” Helpfully, on the reverse of the card there were some ideas listed for questions that we could ask if we suddenly found ourselves in the middle of an awkward silence (so, no need for me to use my emergency ‘Friends character‘ question).

Bizarrely, one of those questions was “what’s in your fridge?

So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

Most first dates usually involve awkward eye contact, clammy hands and a random conversation about your mutual friends. You never know if your date is leaning in for a first kiss or if they’re reaching for their coat.

I asked if she still fancied it but she wasn’t keen.

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