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Is that evidence that the NZ Companies Office website is compromised and this ‘club’ have access to it to modify documents and records as they please?We have well covered how the 666 club has infiltrated all levels of Government these days. They knew when I went to auckland last week to see a big lawyer there Dr Paul Quigley, head of Wellington ed The real trick to catch them is there films and drugs they use There two big archives here – Everest Ave , Havelock North , a dirty cop lives next door.We couldn’t find a close up of that nose but it looks like it could be getting even longer.

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Although the bullet holes in the window suggest Quinn Patterson may have also had highly illegal (in fact not even invented yet) magic bullet’s which curve to hit their target before exiting in the same original trajectory.

Now looking at the Seek n Find Ltd company details that show up on the Companies Office website, but were not there yesterday – we see that Wendy Campbell’s name is nowhere to be found.

They are certainly very protected by the system if so. The main product is believed to be a choral hydrate based spray, which is used with Hypnovel (roofies ) to leave the little kids with no or little memory of the group rapes , which are normally filmed The photo is of Dr Paul Quigley head of Wellington ed – and a pedophile Yeah Nick Smith is connected to them no doubt what so ever I been attack by guy running sex ring from his office in 2007 Former head of nz dentist association , wellington dentist L.

Interesting to note also that Julie Pepper of Black Salt Property Whangarei is making submissions to parliament on behalf of Seek n Find Ltd – the business that ‘victim’ Wendy Campbell was reported to have set up when she moved to Whangarei just a few years ago – see document below. Ross Jackson – Esplanade , Raumati South , Paraparumu .

The 31-year-old Waikato farmer is a romantic cliche.

He could star in that Perfect Italiano ad - "I practise my listening face ..." - except he's too shy.

It’s quite a close-knit group of people, and just something we can’t fathom ever happening.” – Julie Pepper on Newshub.

(Everybody knows each other, so it must be true) Ms Pepper’s daughter, Courtenay, says “it’s not fair”, calling Wendy “a second mum”.

Is there a gang of crooks running our Government and are they now staging false flag terrorist attacks in New Zealand? This is the Smith family , been drugging and raping kids for 50 years Here’s another New Zealand Pedophile , the guy on the left is Hilton Bennett, lives in Hamilton , and is the main distributor of child rape drugs for pedophiles in the Hamilton and Auckland areas.

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