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Her friend Sherri paid the cabbie and helped her off the ground.

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"Very nice." she purred as she stroked it to full length "Why don't you pull over for a few minutes." I pulled the car off the road and leaned the seat back some. "We're not going to have sex cause my husband will be expecting my nice tight pussy tonight.

I kept muttering that I never cheated on my wife and how hot Sherri looked holding my cock. He wouldn't want to find your come in me or that this nice cock loosened me up for him." "Well shit you have to do something." I whined.

"I guess it will be me and rosey palmer tonight." I responded chuckling about the situation myself.

"Renee said your pretty hung." she said placing a hand on my leg.

Her moans and groans came faster and faster, which made me fight hard to hold back the flood gates.

She took my cock out of her mouth just long enough to mutter that she was cumming and then went right back at it.

So we went out to the car and started down the road. "Yeah I guess you could say that somewhat." I replied.

I knew she lived about ten minutes away from our house so it would be a quick trip. "Renee told me that you looked forward to her going out like this cause of the great sex you two would have when she got home." she said giggling.

She moaned softly as I fondled her titties causing her to suck on my cock a little faster.

I knew she was hot now so I took advantage of the fact and put my hand down to her tight jeans.

"Uh maybe seven or eight inches, a little thick too." I replied with a gulp.

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