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Three other drivers, including championship contender Will Power, were hurt in the pile-up.The crash has raised concerns that the race has become too dangerous due to the high speeds reached by participants.Dan was a racer I’d followed throughout my career, as I often followed in his footsteps as we climbed the motorsport ladder in the UK. As a British guy, who not only went over to the States but who twice won the Indy500, he was an inspirational guy, and someone that every racing driver looked up to with respect and admiration. My heart goes out to his family and friends during this extremely difficult time.” Wheldon was on the 13th lap of the 300-mile race – in which cars reach speeds of 225mph – when several drivers ahead of him were involved in a collision on the second turn.

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"We put so much pressure on ourselves to win races and championships and today it doesn't matter." Wheldon was the first Indycar fatality since American rookie Paul Dana was killed in a practice session five years ago.

Somehow, despite his hailing from England, the loss of Dan Wheldon has hit our community close to home.

James considers himself a hardcore racing fan, fancying the stock cars above all, but with an active enthusiasm for the open-wheelers.

He grew up idolizing Richard Petty, and at first glance, could pass for one of the King’s kinsmen: slight build, prominent cheekbones, graying brown mustache and goatee, long brown mullet, and, of course, the dark plastic shades.

One small mistake from somebody..." He added: "Right now I'm numb and speechless.

One minute you're joking around in driver intros and the next he's gone. He was this little kid and the next thing you know he was my team-mate.

Former Formula One driver Mark Blundell described the 1.5 mile Las Vegas Motor Speedway as “a recipe for disaster.” The race started with 34 cars yet the oval track in Las Vegas is only 60 per cent of the length of 33-car Indy.

Scotsman Dario Franchitti – who was confirmed as the 2011 champion after the race was called off – insisted warning signs were there.

The former private school pupil was airlifted from the Las Vegas Motor Speedway track to University Medical Centre where he died from his injuries.

Officials called off the race but, after learning of his death, Mr Wheldon’s fellow drivers went on to perform a five-lap salute in his honour – many of them unable to quell their tears.

Standing here in a tank top, shorts and sandals, James would be hard-pressed to picture his hero Petty with clean, manicured hands. Wheldon’s on-track success may be the only Petty-esque thing about the young Englishman.

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