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At 77, Wolf's storied reputation as the toughest lifeguard on the beach is intact, burnished last season when Avalon unexpectedly won the South Jersey Lifeguard Championships held on the beaches of defending champ Margate, a feat not accomplished by any patrol below Ocean City in two decades.Two of Wolf's three sons were in boats that accumulated enough points to eke out the title (Matt in the doubles row, Erich in the singles, both with two third-place finishes that nonetheless left Avalon more points than Ventnor and Margate).The astronomical seasons are based on the Earth’s journey around the sun, with the four quarters of the orbit determining our four seasons.

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The beaches resembled a bar." Wolf rose to the position of captain in 1967.

He spent 50 years as a physical-education teacher in Pleasantville, some kind of record. The behavior of the crowds so far this year, already concerning.

THE days are longer, the evenings are lighter and the mood is generally brighter during summer.

You are no doubt looking forward to sizzling days in the park or garden and here we reveal the all important 2018 dates you need to look out for this year.

Loosely the seasons are defined as Spring (March, April, May), Summer (June, July, August), Autumn (September, October, November) and Winter (December, January, February).

The summer solstice is the "longest" day of the year and marks the start of the summer period. - If anyone was wondering - maybe, say, Angelo Cataldi, famously shown no mercy in a 1999 Avalon beach-tag conflagration, or perhaps Frank Wilson, formerly of Chester County, who sued Avalon in 2001 and won 5,000, driven arguably mad after being repeatedly whistled out of the water when he tried to swim after 5 p.m., or, really, anyone who ever threw a ball close to the water or otherwise tangled with the famously vigilant Avalon Beach Patrol, yes, its leader, Capt. They have a tough beach." Others have a different take on the undisputed lifeguard king's reign."I go back to Avalon quite often, but I will never step on an Avalon beach while he is still on duty.12, plus Avalon's annual David Kerr Memorial on July 31, named for a lifeguard who passed away in 1982 of skin cancer.Memorial Day weekend up and down the Jersey Shore was, in Wolf's polite description, "a mess." Margate, Sea Isle, Wildwood, and even Avalon reported lots of underage and open drinking on beaches, as well as trash and rowdiness.I prefer a relaxed environment when I go to the beach.

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