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Rena was sexually abused from childhood into early adulthood, and is now sharing her story “From Survive to Thrive” for the RAINN-SABRE Survivor Stories initiative.Not only am I a survivor of sexual assault, I am also a survivor of child sexual abuse.

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A percentage of proceeds from the red Personal Alarm with Key Ring (below) is donated to RAINN. A $10 donation helps one survivor through the National Sexual Assault Hotline, so you can feel confident your donation will make a difference. Keep scrolling to learn more about the resources RAINN has to offer. As part of the Survivor Stories initiative, Angela answered some questions.

SABRE: Was this a one-time assault or did this occur over any length of time?

He also called me a fat ugly whore and said I was his “property.” Read More From the ages of six to 10, Lakia Shavon Lightner was sexually violated by her uncle.

SABRE had the opportunity to interview Lakia in March of 2015.

The rest of the world didn't seem to matter out there.

Who could be concerned with scandals in the news when ducks and geese and goats ran freely across the yard? That all felt like a lifetime ago as I sat in my psychiatrist's office at age 15. He said something about how my dosage needed to be increased.SABRE: Was this someone that you knew or was this a stranger?VEB: All of the perpetrators were family members or friends.RAINN (the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), the world's largest anti-sexual assault organization, is partnering with SABRE, the world's leading personal safety brand, to raise awareness about sexual assault, survival and recovery. It is our hope that these stories inspire you to take a stand against sexual assault and violence. I hid under my covers trying to shut off my mind and calm my racing heart because I knew it was now or never. Wharton was sexually assaulted by her mother’s significant other in her Baltimore home when she was 14.SABRE reached out to 13 survivors of different kinds of assault. Visit this page throughout the month as volunteers for the RAINN Speakers Bureau share their stories. You can help spread the word that those who have been victimized are not alone, and that it's possible to heal. So I got up, trembling as sure as I was sweating, and walked to my parents’ room. She was then again assaulted at gunpoint by a masked man at the age of 24 in a wooded area in northeast Baltimore.In addition to the extreme physical and sexual abuse, this man also used psychological warfare against me.

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