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Never used a cracked server on LANs till now,so ..... The cause is STT_GLIBC_IFUNC extension first appeared in GNU libc 2.11 and newer.

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This can be useful to support large group of clients which seats behind NAT and connects with one public IP address.11)Steam Client 2009 and Steam Client 2009 2-Nd Gen clients now supported in e ST_STEAM2 too.2.0 RC2: Too many fixes and new features to list them all here.2.0 Pre RC2 STAGE-4New: Completely new startup system: No VLDR, Special Steam. Lots of cleanups in the old STEAM2-AUTH code and new STEAM3 SCI code(Since latest public versions). Full support for STEAM3 servers(via e STEAMATi ON SCI subsystem) - Includes TF2, DOD: S, L4D1, L4D2.

Gold Source is not yet supported but soon it will get in too.

;[its there, there is the full command:screen -A -m -d -S css1 ./srcds_run -console -game cstrike maxplayers 16 -port 27016 map de_dust2 exec config1-tickrate 66 fps_max 600 mapcyclefile mapcycle_1-pingboost 2 -insecure -nomaster sv_lan 1[] * Fixed console command exploit that could crash multiplayer servers * Fixed crash with team swapping in Source Multiplayer Games Attachments updated Exe version (cstrike) Exe build: Sep 19 2006 (2873) files has been patched by ALHS_Leo (As far as i know, if you have no internet-connection on your LAN-Party, it is not neccessary to crack your source-server.

Star it with sv_lan 1 and there will be no auth-check.

This is the only extension from a bunch of extensions which is enabled by default(First it was designed as * always activated function but as Dynamic Debug-File Logging feature appeared and config support was added to INIT system due to this ive also added config * for this extension to enable or disable it accordingly ).11) Steam clients in e ST_STEAM2 now validated via e ST's internal client's ticket.12) Steam clients which failed to authenticate via Valve's AUTH servers on e ST_STEAM2 are now can be configured for few possible actions(Reject, Custom * Reject, ID by IP, ID by Time, Pending).

Previously only one action was available - Pending.13) SC2009 1-St Gen has been removed from e ST_STEAM2(I don't think that this client existed for Steam2).14) SC2009 2-Nd Gen was rebranded to Rev Emu 4-Th Gen in e ST_STEAM2(Not in e ST_SCI STEAM3) and it's support has been fixed(RC3 didn't support them * properly on e ST_STEAM2).15) Fixed Steam API_Use Breakpad Crash Handler function in INIT system.16) Added new Steam API_Set Breakpad App ID function to INIT system - first appeared in new TF2/CSS: Beta update.17) Updated manuals.2.0 RC3 UPDATE-1 WWII-Win EDi Ti ON1)Added support for latest for TF2-Linux, DOD: S-Linux.2)Fixed support for for KF-Win.3)Fixed error causing buffer overflow which leads to start-up crash of Gold Source-Linux server.4)Updated manuals.2.0 RC3 WWII-Win EDi Ti ON1)Fully functional logging system(Logging to server logs now fully working).2)Full validation of Steam clients on Steam3 including cryptographic Valve's signatures, and token App ID relation check.3)Rev Emu 4-Th Gen Client has been eliminated.

sv_password 123 //Server password for entry into multiplayer games //ip youriphereifulike //Overrides IP for multihomed hosts (just backup, not needed) //hostport 27005 //Host game server port (just backup, not needed) Well then you can't really play on the server then. That's probably why you are getting the error, Steam can't validate your account, because you do not have one.

Well then you can't really play on the server then. That's probably why you are getting the error, Steam can't validate your account, because you do not have one.

More economical memory and callback traffic usage.4) Mini Cert Patch extension to allow steamclient-less clients to get to AUTH system without being stopped by "Steam certificate length error(0/2048)!

"5) Support for "Unknown Token Less Client" in e ST_SCI and e ST_STEAM2(The one which mentioned in (4)).6) New BINCACHE system with magic,version and new SHA-512 hash instead of SHA-1.7) Fixed non-working first weapon from items_440on e ST servers(For official items_440it's Medics Kriets Krieg gun) on TF2.8 ) items_440on TF2 is now searched in platform/ folder as well(in addition to looking in cfg folder) for sc2009 compatability - May be this change made already* in 2.0 RC3-U1 but i don't remember exactly.9) Empty-Text protection in Custom-Reject system.

It was merged with Steam Client 2009(They are the same one).4)Added support for upcoming Steam Client 2009 2-Nd Gen(not available publicly right now).

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