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Reviewing her balance required dialing into a hotline and entering her entire card number.

Though organizations like the US Digital Service and 18F pioneered building technical infrastructure at the federal level, thanks to the hiring freezes, budget cuts, and high profile exits that have occurred during the Trump administration, they face an uncertain future.

This innovation is shifting to the private and nonprofit sectors, where companies are using both classic venture capital models and more traditional forms of state contracting to significantly improve civic technology.

California has one of the lowest SNAP enrollment numbers in the country (in 2014 nearly half of eligible residents weren’t receiving benefits); through one of the organization’s fellowships, Code for America developers started working on a mobile web application in 2013. For example, to get more people to apply, they cut the 200-question application to a simple 10-minute questionnaire.

“At a high level, a lot of people in government are constantly looking at how to do things better,” says Dave Guarino, senior software engineer at Code for America.

Yet Propel is just one of several companies stepping in to up-level the technology for public sector services.

Some states, such as Texas and New York, have managed to roll out new websites and apps that help welfare recipients manage their benefits.Young tech workers have increasingly noticed the wide-open opportunity to bring disruption to outdated social programs.With a user base of nearly 43 million Americans, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which provides food stamps, is ripe for innovation. Now she uses Fresh EBT, an app launched by mobile software startup Propel.“What we bring is a way to test things on a smaller scale, rather than just plan, plan, plan, and try to take a year to come up with a perfect solution.”Working closely with local community organizations and actual clients using the app allowed the team to find other barriers quickly.Program administrators send out text reminders, in lieu of the paper mail that’s often ignored, when it’s time to send in renewal materials.Felicia Graybill uses her smartphone for everything: sending email, checking Facebook, and even monitoring her bank account.

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