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I won’t repeat about what love is, as I’ve done that in my post on understanding true love between two people.

But, I’d certainly like to say that love always grows and changes.

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Sometimes they might even get upset by their partner’s lack of attention on them.

Small bickering and fights are a normal part of this stage of love.

All of this makes you feel euphoric, triggers positive moods, and boosts your energy levels.

There is change in the personalities, sex drive, and you might even enter a state of fearlessness.

Well, no matter how the love starts, or what is your kind of love – nearly all couples go through the stages of love in their relationship as mentioned in this post.

Understanding the different phases of love helps couples to move successfully into a better long term relationship.

Instead of seeing the similarities as you did in the romance stage, you focus on the differences and flaws of your partner.

Some couples might even break up and move on at this stage.

But sometimes confrontation is healthy as it helps you understand things better.

When you learn to confront and resolve issues and conflicts, it helps your relationship mature.

Did you know that there are different stages of love relationship that most couples go through?

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