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It is described on the menu though as “fiery, flavoursome” and while it commendably is the latter it disappointingly is not the former. First up we have Bangladeshi runner beans with aubergine, which makes a change from the usual protein-in-thickened-sauce template, and feels even vaguely healthy.

It comes gently (again, perhaps a little too gently) seasoned, and in a portion that as throughout the meal is generous. In keeping with the bustling ambience, service is brisk, friendly and efficient.

And no webcam is required if you just want to chat.

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Decor and music are familiar high street curry house: white tablecloths, red cushioned chairs and Asian-inspired artwork.

Unchallenging and perfectly pleasant, as are the opening poppadoms and condiments.

Our long list of satisfied clients have come to depend on our superior menu selections, impressive presentation, and exceptional service.

When it comes to catering for your wedding, social event or business, A Spice of Life understands the importance of thoughtful planning, working within your budget, and worry-free event execution.

Next is the evening’s standout dish, shobji garlic: fried mushrooms, potato and cauliflower, warmly seasoned with cardamom and cinnamon, with spinach and aubergine, all suffused with smoky roast garlic. Unusually though, dishes come garnished with parsley rather than the more customary and aromatic coriander.

We wonder whether the restaurant has run out of the good stuff, but are told it is so as not to “overwhelm other flavours”.

It has given itself the title “King of Brick Lane”, while“Masterchef 2017”, on a banner adorning the restaurant’s frontage and reported in several newspapers, refers to Coventry-based agency Master Chef Promotions, not its unrelated TV namesake. Perhaps, but that’s Brick Lane: you don’t come necessarily for authenticity (which is anyway a will-o’-the-wisp) but for fun and vim, for a fine feed and decent value, for pilau rice and Cobra beer and chilli and poppadoms and cardamom pods and mango chutney and fluffy naans and rich sauce and a good night out with mates, and to leave with a full belly and a smile on your face.

Our culinary staff works closely with our event specialists and our operations team to ensure that our menus are current and fresh, that all the details of your event are managed properly and that the vision for your event is realized so you can relax and enjoy along with your guests.

Whatever the explanation, it is not a substitution likely to win any awards.

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