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But it’s not lacking in motive flavour – far from it.

The beefy-feeling, lightly jostling damper settings speak of a strong, over-specified rolling chassis that’s just itching to prove its worth down a rutted trail.

Inside, the RAV4’s upright classic SUV driving position was next in line for the chop. That puts you closer to the centre of roll, which ought to be a good thing, but somehow it makes the RAV4 experience that bit more humdrum: less Range Rover, more Street Rover.

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Strange that a company with such attention to detail in other respects can make basic errors such as these, but it continues to.

As for trims there are five to choose from - Active, Business Edition, Business Edition Plus, Icon and Excel.

Toyota says a roof-hinged hatchback makes more practical sense, and it’s probably right.

But there goes another identifying point of difference.

It's not an easy place to spot them without taking your eyes off the road for very long.

Other curiosities include a lane departure warning toggle button that's the stretch of your arm away on the far side of the centre stack, while the digital clock next to it brings your granny’s microwave oven to mind – a simple, plain analogue clock would be infinitely classier.And as ever with a fast-moving industry such as the automotive one, competitors are replaced and new ones arrive as is the case with the Volvo XC60 and the Range Rover Velar.If you plot a graph comparing the price and overall length of every small and medium-size 4x4 you can think of – from the Hyundai Tuscon to the Audi Q5 – this new Toyota marks the very centre, the sweet spot.The Business Edition Plus trim adds 17in alloy wheels, and keyless entry and go to the fleet-friendly package.Opt for the mid-range Icon RAV4 and you'll find it adorned with 18in alloy wheels, LED headlights, a leather and Alcantara upholstery, electrically adjustable driver's seat and heated front seats, while the range-topping Excel models include silver roof rails, leather seats, voice recognition and 3D maps.That may be exactly how Toyota’s long-retained customer base wants it, but it’s unlikely to endear the car to many youngsters.

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