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For the past five years, Nvidia has also worked with the research and startup communities exploring the future of AI from a healthcare lens.

"We're at a very fortunate time in medical imaging in that all the technology Nvidia has been developing over the past five years, we can now literally virtualise medical imaging pipelines, these medical imaging instruments," she explained.

Nvidia extends 'cinematic quality' image rendering capability beyond gaming At its annual GPU conference in San Jose, the company announced that the Nvidia Quadro GV100 GPU with Nvidia RTX technology will provide artists of all kinds with access to the tech usually reserved for cinematic productions.

Nvidia doubles down on AI At its GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, CA, Nvidia announces hardware and interconnect upgrades, data center GPU inference improvements and a new Io T partnership with ARM.

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For more information please review our cookie policy."We need larger computers; even then we need larger computers; the world needs larger computers, because there's serious work to be done, there's serious ground-breaking work to be done," he said."Science needs super-charged computers and that's the reason why we're building super-charged computers."Our strategy at Nvidia is to accelerate GPU computing at the speed of light." Speaking with ZDNet about the future a machine like Clara promises, Nvidia VP of healthcare and AI business development Kimberly Powell said the GPU giant has been focusing on healthcare for over 10 years, alongside the medical imaging industry, which has been driven by computing for at least as long.At its most basic, Clara is a computing platform that allows the virtualisation of workloads -- a virtualised datacentre for all the computation that happens in medical imaging."It could be an on-prem resource, it could be on AWS, and it will leverage the technology stack that we've put together over the years," Powell continued."This, I think, is an opportunity to balance some of that out," she said.

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