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It will be his fourth jail term for similar crimes.

A new documentary last right revealed one victim's account, which claims he was in the same bed as Gary Speed while the paedophile coach abused him.

Asked how many times he fell victim to Bennell's abuse, he told The Guardian: 'It would be impossible.'But over a four-year period, virtually every weekend, every school holiday – and I'd even miss school on some occasions – we'd be talking about hundreds of times. At a conservative estimate.'Cliffe, now a detective constable after a change of career, is determined there are more victims yet to come forward.

He told the newspaper: 'It's documented that he's been abusing since the 1970s all the way through until he was arrested in the 1990s.'It straddles three decades and he's been involved in football all that time.

Bennell, who was yesterday convicted of the last seven of 50 allegations against him, wanted to 'meet and greet' the young players, inviting them to his house two by two.

During these trips Cliffe was abused 'hundreds' of times.

When the latest allegations emerged against Bennell, Speed's family issued a statement in which they said he knew Bennell through football connections but he was 'not a victim' and played no part in the investigation.

They added: 'The Speed family have been assured that the police investigation at the time was exceptionally thorough and there is no legitimate reason to link Mr Bennell to Mr Speed.' Barry Bennell's trial at Liverpool Crown Court heard from three former junior footballers who are planning to sue Manchester City, Crewe Alexandra and the Football Association for failing to expose his crimes.

His father Roger said the same thing, insisting at the time: 'I don't think so. Honestly, no way.'He was old enough in the head even at that age he knew what he wanted.

He was a clever lad.'But now the unnamed victim claims he was abused, telling Channel 4 Dispatches: Football's Wall of Silence: 'Barry would abuse one of us then turn over and then abuse the other.'Asked if he is 'absolutely certain that Gary Speed was abused by Bennell', he replies: '100 percent.

They had 'words' in the hours before the father-of-two was found dead at 7am after returning home from a dinner party at a friend's house.

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