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Which symbols occur together often, which rarely, which never do?Which occur in particular kinds of locations (residential vs. What is the geographic distribution of particular rock art traditions, and did it change through time?On these particular pages of our web site, we are concerned with the meaning of Rock Art to its creators and audiences of the past, not to people of the present.

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Stones used for pecking petroglyphs, brushes used for applying paint, mortars used to grind pigments and small fireplaces used to change minerals into pigments, these and other objects can link rock art with more typical archaeological materials found in the ground.

In that same ground there may be charcoal from a hearth or other organic materials permitting radiocarbon dating.

But there are difficulties with each step in collecting this kind of evidence.

Petroglyphs are made by removing the outer dark surface of rocks, called rock varnish or patina, to reveal the lighter rock underneath.

So-called “biographic” rock art of the Northern Plains is probably the rock art where we can be most certain of parts of its meaning, because of the very close relation between the ledger art just referred to and rock art using the same symbols.

Both ledger books and the related rock art often recorded biographies of individuals, their accomplishments, victories in battle, and other events.As soon as patina is removed, bacteria start to create patina again on the new surface.Roughly, we can say that darker petroglyphs are older, because they have been exposed longer to formation of patina.Rock Art can be “interpreted” in many ways, including by modern artists and spiritual practitioners with purposes which may have either a lot or very little to do with the reasons it was produced long ago.These modern interpretations can be useful to those who engage in them, even giving great pleasure and serenity.Sometimes it is because objects are pictured in the rock art which have been discovered in archaeological excavations, or which are known from ethnography (the study of living cultures, often early records of contact between Europeans and peoples living in some area) In certain very fortunate situations, we know who the people were who created rock art, we even know their names as individuals.

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