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He leaves her in the forest and Hefty Smurf takes her to the Smurf village, where she is given her own house.

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Goodman further argued that capturing the young female audience would increase ratings, so the networks were more likely trying to pander to young girls than trying to defuse gay rumors.

To back this up is the fact that Smurfette was the most frequently merchandised of the Smurfs.

The Smurfs then moderated their passion for her, worshipping from a distance, and she settled permanently in the village.

She even learned to speak in Smurf language when previously she had spoken in straight human speech in accordance with Gargamel's magic.

Katha Pollitt's ideas about Smurfette blend both a feminist and capitalist critique: she coined the phrase "the Smurfette Principle" in a 1991 piece in the New York Times, in which she wrote, "...a group of male buddies will be accented by a lone female, stereotypically defined.

In the worst cartoons -- the ones that blend seamlessly into the animated cereal commercials...." Smurfette was magically created from clay by the Smurfs' enemy, Gargamel, so that she would use her charms to cause jealousy and competition among the Smurfs.Learn more, including about available controls: Cookie Policy.Smurfette (French: La Schtroumpfette) is the main protagonist from the comic strip the Smurfs.She was the only female Smurf until the creation of Sassette.A Granny Smurf was also later introduced, although it is unclear how she was created.Thierry Culliford, the son of the comics' creator, Peyo, and current head of the Studio Peyo, announced in 2008 that more female Smurfs would be introduced in the stories.

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