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Based on my recent analysis, I came to this conclusion: the app definition and concept phases would be very similar regardless of platform, but the app refinement and production phases would require adaptions to create full-fledged native apps for each.

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Try to be as platform agnostic as possible since it will allow you to freely explore a variety of concepts without.

Once you start prototyping and testing your app concepts, it will become increasingly difficult to remain platform agnostic, though this may depend on the app. Notable differences between i Phone and Android navigation are summarized below.

Would I, too, wealthy person to do twice the oeuvre when design for the i Phone and Android?

And what volition come about if the Windows, Palm, and blackberry app stores take off? Many say the same will be true of the different smartphone platforms, that theyll eventually be replaced with something like HTML 5.

Companies like Phone Gap provide tools to simplify cross-platform development for hybrid apps.

Using these tools, developers can make apps that are near identical crosswise platforms.

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