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Professor Robert Kelly and his family rose to fame after an interview with BBC World News was interrupted but his two children, live on air.Video of the professor trying to stay composed as his children burst into the room before being pulled out by their mother quickly went viral, with one You Tube video of the incident attracting more than 980,000 views.

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One tragic consequence of prostitution in Iran has been a spike of HIV/AIDS infection in recent years.

HIV awareness education is minimal there compared to in the West, and many who become infected are afraid to seek help.

The Abu Dhabi Network channel posted the footage on Twitter, where it has been shared widely, receiving thousands of views.

A Facebook account that appears to belong to Manaf shows him jokingly writing that he “slept on the roof” the night after sharing the video of his father. Of course, Mr Asfour is not the first commentator to fall victim to the awkward home Skype interview.

In one prominent sting operation, several government officials and security officers were arrested during raids on at least five houses used as brothels around the town of Neka in northern Iran.

Officers from Iran's State Security Forces and Islamic Revolutionary Council have been arrested in brothels on multiple occasions.

A video showing a Jordanian political analyst doing a Skype interview for cable television without any trousers on has gone viral on social media.

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