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When Francesco Grosso pours from a bottle of 2002 Dom Pérignon, the scene-stealing Big Body Bes warns him, “It better not be from Duane Reade.”Michael White, the chef and co-owner of Marea, has cooked and eaten with Action Bronson, and is a fan of his music. He’s been more places than I have.”The video spurred Vice’s food website, Munchies, to create a series for Action Bronson, now one of the most popular shows across all of Vice’s digital channels, according to a company spokeswoman.

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At shows, when he asks who watches his web series, “the whole crowd roars like Drake just came out,” he said.

After abandoning two short-lived You Tube series, Action Bronson linked up with a longtime Vice producer, Chris Grosso, who is now an executive producer of the show.

“Our audience has a lack of trust in traditional media, where everything is so commercialized and packaged.

They’re starving for something that might not be as polished but has an authenticity to it.”With his tattoos, cannabis habit and ruddy beard that clocks in somewhere between hipster and Hasidic, Action Bronson seems like an encapsulation — or perhaps a sendup — of the Vice brand.

They shot a video in which the rapper ate at the high-end Italian restaurant Marea in Manhattan, where Mr. The video shows Action Bronson dabbing — heating waxy cannabis concentrate and inhaling the vapor through a pipe — and enjoying a bowl of Rice Krispies at his apartment before he goes to Marea.

It culminates with him and his friend Big Body Bes at the restaurant exclaiming profanely over fusilli with octopus and bone marrow.

His output has been prolific: two more albums, two EPs, four mixtapes and dozens of guest verses. While not quite radio famous, his music is rollicking and distinctive, admired by ever-widening critical circles.

He has toured with Eminem and collaborated with the Alchemist, a respected producer; his most recent album, “Mr. From the beginning, gastronomy figured prominently in his music.

His first album included tracks titled “Jerk Chicken,” “Shiraz” and “Brunch.” His lyrics have plenty of rap’s trademark swagger, and his brand of braggadocio is often culinary.

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