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It's not a brazen demand—I didn't want to be obnoxious—but I wanted to be clear. "Happy and in great shape."More recently, though she's hardly ready to begin dating again, we hear that she's open to what fate may bring on the romantic front.But for now, an insider says, "Janet is in no rush.

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Upon arrival, however, Eissa became the love of Jackson's life.

Eight months later, she's back on tour, looking fit and healthy—and she's going it alone, having separated from Eissa's father just a few months after their son was born. Aside from the team that goes into making her State of the World Tour go round, she has her tight-knit inner circle and one of the most famously sprawling families in showbiz history to rely on for moral and hands-on support—though she's been Eissa's devoted premiere caretaker since day one."She's doing all the baby talk to the baby and playing with him constantly—all that stuff," her older brother Tito Jackson told When she announced in May her plans to resume her tour, previously known as the Unbreakable Tour, she assured that the new name wasn't about politics.

You never have a chance to deal with yourself privately and work through issues on your own.

Everything is on display for the world to see." and whose soulful, seductive music has set the tone for many a baby-making session over the years started dressing noticeably more conservatively—both on the street and in concert.

And though Janet Jackson was never known for being extraordinarily provocative in the fashion department before, she was known for embodying strength and sensuality.

It was during her -fueled, "That's the Way Love Goes" period in the 1990s that Jackson said she finally felt comfortable enough in her own skin to show some of it off.

"I've had to go through some changes and shed some old attitudes before feeling completely comfortable with my body.

Listening to my new record, people intuitively understand the change in me," she told in 1993."You see," she added, "sex isn't just fire and heat, it's natural beauty. It's letting go, giving and getting what you need."Moreover, Jackson had a very particular vision for her album's sound, the corresponding music videos and every other aspect of the The famously introverted Jackson was raised a Jehovah's Witness (she admittedly had a "sheltered background") but, like Michael, she distanced herself from the religion when she left the family fold. Intimacy."The increasingly untenable situation hit an impasse once Eissa was born and Jackson decided to move on with her life."Janet is a very shy women and hates confrontation and avoids it at all cost," our source says.

"It's about people, the world, relationships, and just love," she said in a video message.

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