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The people who gave you the adventure will likely assist you by giving you keystones to open doors and giving you an extra reward for finishing a tomb.

Almost every tomb in China and France and most of the tombs in Egypt are all connected to an Adventure chain. Now, before you go into a tomb, you need to be well prepared. There will be a vendor in town who sells all sorts of useful camping equipment.

Sometimes you won't see the trap but you'll see an oddly colored tile that you can inspect.

There will be certain parts of walls that are fake and can be pushed open.

Unfortunately, even after over 100,000 hits on my guides I can still count the amount of feedback I've gotten on two hands. Ancient Coins are a special form of currency accepted by only three vendors in the game.

I'm still pretty new at this and I want my guides to be helpful so I would really appreciate any feedback, good or bad, about my guide. You can trade Ancient coins for certain special items like a Skeleton key or Mummy snacks.

Inside of tombs there are a few things that you will see often and should be familiar with. Always be on the look out for these because they will usually reveal important things like more tiles, stairs, and doors.

There are occassionally holes in the walls and floors.

NOTE ON FINDING THINGS: Aside from the Table of Contents below, you should be able to use the search function to find most specific things. Sometimes, for the best items, you have to get your Visa rank up with Visa Points first.

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