Simple updating for a web page

This email address will be added to the metadata when you publish a package.Username Enter the username that will be shown when you publish packages or interact with other users within npm.

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In addition, npm will send email to this acccount when you update packages, as well as occassional product updates and information.

This means that the email address can be discovered by anyone who downloads your packages.

Or you can install npm in the terminal console, as explained below, then come back to these steps.

The following screen shot shows where the menu is if you want to explore the website, set up your profile, and get started right away: There are additional resources for beginners and for everyone at the end of this chapter in the "Learn More" section.

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To test that you have successfully logged in, type This may simply reinstall the current version, depending on the development cycle. So features may or may not match what is ultimately released.

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