Signs emotional abuse dating

But the romantic gestures and gifts are usually ploys to captivate you and distract from what is to come. Proclamations of deep feelings and desires for exclusivity or a label follow.

It can feel overwhelming, but also incredibly romantic and flattering.

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You find yourself feeling like you need to be overly careful when dealing with them to avoid offending, upsetting, or enraging them – in other words, it’s like you have to “walk on egg-shells” around them.

Arguments with your partner are turned around and made to seem as though it’s your fault or you brought the issue on.

Any time that they text or call you, they expect you to answer right away.

They’re always questioning your whereabouts, who you were with, and what you did.

The relationship feels intense, but you excuse it because it’s love – or so you think.

At first, it’s sweet how protective they are of you and how they get a little jealous of the idea of you with anyone else.

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But then the protectiveness and subtle jealousies turn into possessiveness.

They start to get paranoid, and they begin to require that you are always accessible.

Eventually, you start to think that you might actually be at fault for their irritation or the problems in your relationship.

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