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Cost Comparison An estimated 100 million landmines in more than 64 countries cause about 26,000 casualties each year.

The United States has committed more than 3 million in humanitarian demining programs since 1993 (leading the world in this respect) and spent nearly million in FY 1998 alone.

The Demining 2010 Initiative has now become firmly imbedded in the global humanitarian demining agenda.

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Department of Defense Humanitarian Mine Action Project Teams include Special Forces "A" Detachments (Train the Trainer programs), Psychological Operations (PSYOP) mine risk reduction education and mine awareness trainers, explosive ordnance demolition (EOD) and computer specialists if required, and Civil Affairs teams to train the indigenous national mine action organizations. Demining Initiative Fact Sheet released by the Bureau of Political Military Affairs of the Department of State on 13 November 1997 says, "The United States aims to greatly accelerate global humanitarian demining operations and assistance efforts to end the plague of landmines posing threats to civilians through a U.

The goals of the program are to relieve the plight of civilian populations, enhance regional stability, promote . S.-led initiative to develop, marshal and commit the resources necessary to accomplish this goal in cooperation with other nations by the year 2010.

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Mines claim an average of one victim every twenty minutes (or over 26,000 per year)." Landmines are a Global Crisis In As we near the end of the 20th century, the indiscriminate use of landmines has become a tragic legacy of civil strife around the world.

Landmines impede international efforts to help war-torn countries regain their economic and social infrastructures.

Note – This article has been placed with permission on the website of the Royal Netherlands Army Band of the Corps of Engineers. Government Interagency Humanitarian Demining Strategic Plan states in part that landmines affect almost every aspect of life in states recovering from conflict. On 13 September 1993, the National Security Council requested that the Department of State establish an Interagency Working Group on Land Mines and Demining. Map of Landmine Problem Countries The components of the Department of Defense Humanitarian Mine Action Program are mine awareness education, mine action center (MAC) development, civil-military cooperation, and victim assistance.

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