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Performance Health The Posterior Leaf Splint assists those with foot drop and in need of ankle and foot stability.

This AFO Multi Podus Orthosis device frames the foot and ankle with lightweight, translucent polypropylene and fits inside most laced up shoes.

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Each Posey Premium Heel Guard has a soft outer lining that allows for firm attachment of ankle and foot drop straps and reduces friction against bedsheets.

Foam foot support straps help prevent foot drop; they can be crossed over the foot for maximum support, or attached down the ankle to minimize contact with the foot.

An anti-rotation bar under the Comfy Boot for Foot and Ankle's cover can be used to control hip and leg rotation. Comfy Splints The Posey Bed Cradle is best for patients that are at risk of foot drop or toe ulcers.

Made of steel with high top frame, the Posey Bed Cradle effectively helps keep the blanket off the patient's feet.

Features such as padding on the calf section, a low arch, open heal design, and the wide Velcro ankle strap, ensure a comfortable fit.

The Swedish Ankle Foot Orthotic provides static dorsiflexion assistance and lateral stability. North Coast The De Royal (tm) Ankle Contracture Multi Podus Boot is a soft, comfortable static ankle orthosis used for positioning and pressure reduction.

Choose from Posey Deluxe Podus Boots with or without a sole. The Replacement Ypsilon AFO Strap is one size fits all.

Allard USA The Posey Bed Cradle and Foot Support for Hospital Beds is recommended for use by patients at risk of foot drop or toe ulcers.

Posey The Comfy Multi Podus Boot for Foot and Ankle can be used to aid in treatment of injuries to the foot and ankle, including plantar flexion, foot drop, and pressure sores.

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