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Get on with it then I can handle anything you can throw at me she postured.He went and got some black electrical tape and told her to put her palms together.

Sexy chat only by typing-37

He placed his bag next to it then saw some objects laid out on the bed and an envelope with his name on it on the small coffee table.

At this moment, a text came to his phone, "follow the instructions in the letter if you have enough bottle Xx".

She had known about his kinks for some time and even taken part once or twice for a bit of fun.

upon entering the room, he noticed her travel bag on the side.

Part 2 As they walked back from dinner, their tandem high heels made a loud audio click-clack as they made way back to the hotel. Pah easy she quipped back feeling confident after several Gin & Tonic's and strutting effortlessly in her 4 1/2" court shoes.

Will you hurry up she said to him, who was still locked in his 6" heels. There is no way you could wear these heels as long as I have - he remarked hoping she would take his bait.

When she woke back up he was awake this time staring at her, there eyes met together and they share a warm smile.

He then said ready to back up your big mouth from last night....

Great she thought to herself, she looked over at him and he was still fast asleep.

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