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She struts her stuff all over the beach, shaking, twerking and grinding her tight ass all over the beach in her sexy swimsuit, looking for the right guy to help her apply sun lotion to her tender 18 year old body!It doesn’t take her long to find that guy, a horny dude ogling over her teen bubble butt.I fucked her from every angle before blowing my load all over her face and her breasts! That ass is just perfect, not small and bony like most teen girls, but developed and rounded with just enough fullness to wrap a hard dick in.

She rode my dick like a good cowgirl, or should I say sailor girl? Naked babe rode me eagerly, bouncing up and down and swirling her hips.

Then naked babe turned onto her back and spreads her legs to give me a different angle of penetration.

Now the sexy brunette is the one rubbing his balls while he bangs the petite girl and she is so light he can even fuck her while standing on the moving deck, so fucking hot!

He sits down and the brunette takes her place, straddling herself once again on his dick and riding him in cowgirl position, her big tits against his face and her juicy butt bouncing up and down his hard shaft.

What could be better than a dick sucking competition and group dick riding to see whose pussy is better?

These four sexy girls are “BBFs” – best friends forever – and to celebrate their friendship they are taking a trip on a sexy yacht together.

They leave the beach and head to the house he’s staying at, close to the beachfront.

They dip into the pool and she starts smoking his hard cock, stuffing her sexy little mouth with it.

With each my thrust I felt as her hot twat clenched with pleasure around my dick.

Knowing that her climax was close, she began to rub her clitor much faster while I gave her ass a hard anal pounding.

Now, the girls are broke, so there is no way they can pay for such a luxury trip, but they have promised the captain, a handsome stud, that the trip would be worth his time and now that they are all naked and twerking on the deck, he realizes that he’d probably would have paid the girls to come along, so he is already a winner, lol!

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