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As the Bible records, "All the walls of the Temple were surrounded by designs, (an engraved network of figures of) cherubs, palm trees and blossoming flowers... were as the joining of a man, accompanied." (I Kings , 35 and ) And what is meant by these last words, "as the joining of a man, accompanied"?

Even more intense should the love of G-d be in the hearts of those who love Him, and this love should constantly absorb him, as we are commanded to love the Lord "with all your heart and with all your soul." Solomon expressed this allegorically in the verse, "for I am sick with love." (Song of Songs, 2:5) Indeed, the entire Song of Songs is an allegorical description of this love.

(Maimonides, Mishnah Torah, "Laws of Repentance", 10,3)It is fascinating to note that it was the great Rabbi Akiba who taught - concerning the love song which is the Song of Songs - that if each book of the 24 books of the Bible is holy, the Song of Songs is the Holy of Holies.

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This is the same Holy of Holies that featured the engraving of the embracing cherubs.

And Rabbi Akiba did not merely mean to say that the lover in the Song of Songs is the Almighty and the beloved is the Israelite nation; after all, the rabbinical sages have already taught us that "no verse is to be completely detached from its literal meaning." Therefore, what Rabbi Akiba is teaching is a most lofty truth: every proper and passionate love relationship between man and woman is reflective of the one greatest cosmic love relationship between G-d and Israel.

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Maimonides (Rambam) - the arch-rationalist, legalist theologian of the twelfth century - puts it very well: What is the proper love that we must have for G-d?

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