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To keep the romance alive, she participated in a private sexual video chat with him. She didn’t know that after she broke up with him it would go viral on the Internet, but it did.Along with her full name, workplace and contact info.” This sort of behavior by vindictive ex-partners is becoming such a problem that some countries and states are starting to consider making it illegal to post “revenge porn”.

And, for many couples, once they’ve established this sort of emotional intimacy, they feel drawn to explore a similar level of sexual intimacy.

Romantic or sexual intimacy in a long distance relationship can involve everything from e-mail flirtation to saying “I love you”, and from sending teasing “sext” messages to sexual video encounters.

Frequent texting, emailing, and talking can build intimacy fast when you’re in a long distance relationship.

When all you have to build a relationship with is words, you can get to know someone at a deep level quite quickly.

When you’re in a long distance relationship the right words can cross the miles and touch your partner.

Remember, though, it’s ultimately more important that your words touch their heart than increase their pulse rate.It will be a long time, however, before you can depend on those sorts of laws to protect you from “unwanted exposure.” So think it through.With the technology available today, your partner can record you with the click of a button.(Willaston, Cheshire) Roger Michael De Haan, CBE, DL.For services to Education and to charity in Kent and Overseas.In an era of moving to attend college or find work, many of us live in a different state (or even...

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