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She has contributed virtually nothing to any public debate; she has had no novel insights, ever.Elena Kagan's public speeches are devoid of passion; they are, in fact, bland to the point of stupefaction. There was a brief period in her early 20s when Elena Kagan expressed clear and forceful opinions on matters legal and political.

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She was cranked about what she deliberately mis-characterized as the military's policy of don't ask, don't tell. She entered and departed academia without leaving a footprint.

In truth, it was the people's policy, written into law by a Democrat Congress and signed into law by Bill Clinton, in whose White House Elena Kagan served willingly. from college campuses, and I never expressed a position on the exclusion of R. We know almost nothing of her values and perspectives because she intended that we never know them.

Both of them made a point of publishing almost nothing; both of them were as silent as the Sphinx on the burning issues of their day.

The two books with Obama's name on the covers are bereft of opinions that might have proven troublesome later on.

Altogether, the descriptions of Kagan by her friends and acquaintances paint a portrait of someone almost super-humanly Even as she pursued legal scholarship Ms. Her writings are few and painstakingly non-ideological.

Her five meager law-review articles are dryly technical on First Amendment law and administrative-procedure issues.

Kagan's resume is so thin that she has invited comparisons to Harriet Miers, a Bush nominee whom Republicans rejected because of her inscrutability and her inexperience and whom Democrats denounced for being too close to President Bush.

Barack Obama and Elena Kagan share an affection for executive power.

(, Kagan's Writings Back Wider Executive Powers, 5/22/10).

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