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” Marriage is also a path that today’s young people can undertake with the witness of their parents, grandparents and great grandparents.

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They were simple but true certainties; they were the columns that supported their love.” He continued, saying that these simple certainties allowed the married couples of the last 100 years to succeed in creating beautiful family life.

The Holy Father reminded those present of the many programs created to assist different situations related to marriage and the family.

The Code of Canon Law says that Extraordinary Synods are called when the matter at hand requires a rapid response.

Pope Francis’ words and actions indicate an eagerness to assist married couples and families as they navigate their vocation in an increasingly challenging world.

” He continued with advice for dating couples, echoing the “Be not afraid” of his predecessor, Bl.

John Paul II – “Don’t be afraid to take definitive steps, such as that of marriage: deepen your love, respecting the times and expressions, pray, prepare yourselves well, but then trust that the Lord doesn’t leave you alone! He will always support you.” To those who may question the sanity of committing one’s entire life to another person without fear, Pope Francis explained the foundation of his confidence: “Two Christians who marry have recognized in their history of love the call of the Lord, the vocation of two, male and female, to become only one flesh, only one life.

Pope Francis said that marriage is “risky” because of our own egoism and the provisional nature of our times.

He talked about the common experience of couples who, rather than say marriage is forever, promise to stay together while their love lasts.

He was known for helping the poor and sick (his name means “good man” in Latin), and I’m sure he’d be happy to intercede for you, too.

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