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"What we observe in relationships is the abuser's ability to control a partner by constantly texting or messaging, 'Where are you, why didn't you call me? The intimidation behavior can go as far as the perpetrator installing tracking software on the victims cellphone or laptop.

A young person's limited experience with relationships often determines how a young victim understands what is happening and reports it, Fairley said.

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In one study, approximately 57 percent of young victims waited six months or more to get help.

Most, Fairley said, need time to process what they are experiencing and put it into perspective before seeking help.

For that reason, the victim's close friends sometimes have only a partial picture of the situation.

In addition, abusers typically isolate their victims -- meaning they keep them from joining activities with friends or campus groups -- and stalk and threaten them.

Those are the sorts of red flags we want young women to identify and reach out and get help." Given their age, most young people in relationships lack the tools or maturity to foster and define healthy relationships and healthy breakups.

"Relationships don't have to involve constant arguing or constant controlling," Fairley said.A healthy relationship goes parcel with that," Kramer said."When you start to feel that you have to 'check in' with your boyfriend or you are dealing with their insecurities or temper or isolation, the red flag starts to go up."Healthy relationships don't involve someone shaming you for who you are, whether it's related to appearance, the things you are interested in, family background or community.That's not what healthy relationships look like." A significant component of adolescent abuse is sexual coercion or intimidation."There is real concern that the person who has been abusing them may become more physically violent, or stalk the person or stalk members of their family and other people," Fairley said.

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